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December: A 2018 Personal Insurance Guide

November: Fall is Deer in the Headlights Season

September: What Do the Solar Eclipse and August 2017 Insurance Have in Common?

August: You Just Got Sued For A Social Media Post

July: Ask The Insurance Expert

June: Does Home Technology Really Work?

May: Spring Is the Best Time To Review Your Homeowners Insurance

April: Have You Considered These Types of Insurance

March: Is It Time To Consider Flood Insurance?

February: Have You Thought About How You Buy Insurance?

January:  Is Your Business Insurance Keeping Up With Your Business?

December: What the Insurance Industry May Look Like in 2017

November: Can the Holidays Bring Added Risk?

September: Playing Games on Your Phone? You Need to Check Your Insurance

August: Heat Stress Prevention

July: Do Not Make Your Home a Soft Target

March: Zika Virus: What You Need to Know

February:  Do You Work From Home, Or Operate A Home Based Business

January:  Are The New Toys You Got For Christmas Covered?

December:  Now Is The Time to Test Your Home Fire Equipment



November:  Black Friday Shopping Tips

September: Do You Really Need To Insure Your Comic Collection?

August: Thinking of Remodeling?

July: Common Home Insurance Pitfalls


June: How to Keep your Auto and Home Insurance Premiums Low


April: Are You a Safe Motorcycle Driver?


March: Top Healthy Living Tips


February: Filing A Claim Correctly Can Save You Time And Money


January: Thinking of Renting Your Home Through

An Online Site? Think Again.


December: We Live In A Digital Insurance Age:

Insurance and Information Technology


November: Did You Know We Can Get These Things

Covered Under Your Home Insurance


September: Top Election Issues

for Small Businesses


August: Little Known Facts

About Auto Insurance


July: What Violations Will Cause Your

Auto Insurance Rates to Increase?


June: Will Auto Insurance Cover

Your Car if it is Stolen?


May: Spring Is Here;

Is Your Home Ready?


April: Do You Have a Teen Driver

In Your Home?


March: These Insurance Facts

Will Cause You to Think :


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Berry Curtis Insurance has the nicest, most helpful people I have ever met. They have just great, professional people working there. I am comfortable with them. They are a good, local agency, and I will continue to use them. I was originally with Allied Auto Insurance, and I wanted a more local agency. I switched over to them, and it was the best move I ever made. They deserve kudos. Any future business having to do with insurance I will do with them, because of their level of professionalism. They deserve six stars as opposed to five stars.

Daniel S
Berry Curtis Insurance were very helpful. I had just bought a new house and car, and they packaged my insurance for me pretty easily. I just had to fill out a few forms and provide proof of stuff, then they quickly got me a quote. Everyone that I worked with was really friendly. Berry and Michael were very responsive with my phone calls, and they'd get right back to me if I left a message. They saved me about $2,000 on insurance, so it worked out for me!

Andrew B.
We have no complaints about Berry Curtis Insurance! We've been using them for about seven years, and anything we've needed, they've done. They're very responsive when we have any questions, and they've helped us very much! They're very responsive and available. Berry is very good one-on-one. He's very good at explaining things, and he's always worked on our behalf. He knows his business, and he knows insurance. We've had no reason to go anywhere else! He's a professional in a professional industry.

Kathy B.
Berry Curtis Insurance covers my home, cars, and helps me with my business. I've known him for quite a while and he's very knowledgeable. If I have any questions, I can call and he always has the time to talk about them. Out of all the insurance people I've dealt with in the last 40 years, I've never had an insurance agent more helpful than Berry Curtis.

Thomas H.
erry Curtis has been an absolute pleasure to work with over the years. While his offices are in Redding and my business and residence are located in Sacramento he has helped immensely in more ways than I can count. My wife and I have our personal auto lines, our home owners, business liability, workers comp, and our business auto's all insured through Berry Curtis Ins. It is such a luxury to have one person to talk to about so many complicated issues in our personal and business lives. Berry and his staff are extremely helpful and knowledgeable. In addition, Berry is always willing to shop around for the best rates for each of our policies and has saved me a bundle by doing so. Also, the many times in which we need service such as to file a claim, change an employee, add or alter coverage, payroll reports, etc., they are always able to help almost immediately. They respond to calls and emails immediately unlike some where you may wait days or might even never receive follow up call. Their fees are minimal and we never feel like we are being overcharged. If you need insurance of any type you can rest assured Berry Curtis will make the process as simple and pleasant as possible.

Brian S.